This quality product fills the gap in the market place for a self activating, miniature floatation device that will bring your valuables back to the surface should they unfortunately dive to a watery grave.

Simple ...but the best inventions always are ! It's the size of a key fob but can lift up to1Kg in weight. It is the Worlds 1st and only device that will ensure your retrieved valuables can be rescued in the dark, with it's flashing orange beacon visible for up to 250 metres away. It puts all perceived competitors to shame in its design and technology and is a small "insurance" price to pay for the rescue of your valuables.

Read the comments and feedback on our microsite of those Waterbuoy owners who had their valuables rescued by this reliable device - we're pleased the product more than proves it's worth.

Waterbuoy is available in most chandlers, from the retail chain Blacks in the UK and West Marine in the US and many, many other independent retailers across the globe. In it's first year sales have exceeded expectations and the appeal of the product continues to grow.



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